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Things You Need To Know Before Visiting a Chiropractor

The General Chiropractic Council defines chiropractic as a health profession that deals with diagnosing, treating, and preventing mechanical complications of the musculoskeletal system, and the effects these complications have on the overall functioning of the nervous system and general well-being. Chiropractic is premised on the belief that spinal manipulations help improve the body’s nervous system, and, as a result, trigger natural healing.
Chiropractors at the Chiropractic List use their hands to adjust a person’s joints while paying close attention to his or her spine: this process is referred to as manipulation. Before commencing treatment, chiropractic professionals study an individual’s medical history, personal circumstances, and lifestyle. They use this data to establish the suitability of manipulation on the patient’s body: individuals with conditions such as bone cancer or spinal damage cannot undergo chiropractic adjustments.
The Chiropractic List Doctors are experienced in providing spinal health care to relieve a broad range of musculoskeletal disorders: neck pain, back pain, and migraines, which are often caused by automobile accidents.

Back Pain Relief Treatment Options: Chiropractic Care

Spinal Mobilization
This is a moderate, passive movement employed in the spinal region with the intention of gently increasing the static range of motion in that part. Chiropractors can use spinal mobilization or spinal manipulation. Unlike spinal manipulation, chiropractic mobilization is used to form a firm endpoint for joint movement – in other words, this method is utilized to stabilize a person’s joints. The goal of chiropractic manipulation, on the other hand, is restoring or enhancing joint function. A Chiropractor may opt to use spinal mobilization for various reasons:
Patient preference – some patients, after receiving both types of treatment, prefer one to the other: chiropractic mobilization, in this case.
A patient with a susceptible nervous system – Mobilization helps individuals with vulnerable joints prevent their bodies from overreacting and setting off reactive muscle spasms.
Individuals suffering certain disorders – some patients cannot undergo spinal manipulation due to diseases like osteoporosis and bone cancer. In such situations, a chiropractor may opt to use spinal mobilization.
Lifestyle conditions such as obesity – obesity can make manipulation challenging for both the therapist and the patient. This may favor the utilization of a low force technique such as mobilization.


Activator Method
An activator is a hand-held, spring-loaded device that supplies a low force impact to a joint. With the individual resting face down on the manipulation table, the therapist estimates his leg length, tests his muscles, and adjusts his spine using the activator.
Cox Flexion-distraction
This technique gently adjusts the vertebrae by softly stretching the lower spine. This is mostly done in a series of repetitive, slow motions similar to rocking.
Toggle drop
By crossing his hands – one on top of the other – the therapist presses down swiftly and decisively on a particular spine area, as a section of the “drop table” subsides, using gravity to effectively adjust the region. The table can be lifted or lowered depending on the limitation of spinal manipulation.
Manual Manipulation
This technique involves high velocity, short lever arm thrusts applied to an abnormal vertebra with the intention of enhancing functionality, reducing nerve irritability, and restoring range of motion in the back. It is also referred to chiropractic or spinal adjustment.

How to Prepare for a Chiropractic Session

Being prepared before visiting a Honolulu chiropractor is important since it readies a person psychologically. The following questions can help an individual figure out if his therapist meets his needs:
Which type of techniques is the chiropractic professional most acquainted with? Most chiropractors are well versed in several treatment techniques – usually 4 or 5 – and often pick the best depending on an individual’s condition.
Does the therapist use his hands or a manipulation device for the procedure?
How much experience does the chiropractor have when it comes to treating the complication in question?
How long has he practiced chiropractic procedures?
Is he well trained or experienced to practice the techniques he is recommending?

If a chiropractic professional can provide proof that answers the above questions appropriately – appropriate in this case is dependent on the patient’s expectations and needs – he is most likely qualified enough to treat the complication in question.
The Chiropractic List chiropractors utilize a broad range of techniques to temper back pain related ailments. Looking for a qualified health care provider can sometimes become daunting; however, at our clinic patients receive a customised treatment, in addition to a listening, caring practitioner.

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In the year 1859, Daniel David Palmer performed the first modern chiropractic therapy and founded a whole new approach to treating muscoskeletal problems. Since then, the profession of chiropractic has grown in leaps and bounds to all parts of the world, chiefly due to its effectiveness in alleviating pain and promoting healing naturally.

While Daniel David Palmer is widely considered the father of modern chiropractic, (he went on to set up The Palmer School of Chiropractic) there exists evidence that spinal manipulation was practiced in ancient Greece several millennia ago. As a matter of fact, the word “Chiropractic” is itself derived from Greek “Chiro” for “Hand” and “Praktikos” for practical. The whole idea behind chiropractic is that the spinal cord together with the nervous system can work with the body’s own ability to self-heal to relieve pain and bring about wellness. Chiropractic showed that disorders of the nerves cause disease.

A healthy life is a big dream for most of us. Today, more than any other time in human history, people are more aware of the importance of keeping healthy, and most of them desire to live a healthy and pain-free life. Life is beautiful and no one wants to be bogged down by unnecessary health problems. We all want to stay healthy enough so that we can enjoy life to the fullest. But we all know that there are times when outside influences make healthy living difficult. Healthy living means being physically, psychologically and emotionally fit. If one of these aspects is compromised it affects the others, causing disequilibrium in the body.
Disequilibrium manifests itself as illness and pain where the general health of a person is negatively affected. For instance, you may be living a healthy life, incorporating all healthy behaviors in your lifestyle but unfortunately, you get into a car accident that damages your physical health. In a split second, you could go from being a perfectly healthy and happy person to nursing bodily injuries and suffering excruciating pain. This will have the net effect of affecting your psychological and emotional well being in addition to your physical health. In a nutshell, your health will be impacted wholesomely.

Fortunately, we have care and treatment that can help us get through most of the injuries that affect our physical self. Chiropractic is one of the treatments that can help you get through pains and offer you natural healing. It is a branch of health care that deals with detecting, treating and preventing complications of the skeleton structure of the body and the negative effects they may have on the functioning of the nervous system. A chiropractor uses a “hands-on” technique to treat irregularities in the spine and joints. It is an effective treatment for back pain, joint pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines and many more body pains. It is a safe and natural treatment that taps into the body’s natural immune system to relieve you from any pain by treating problematic changes caused by physical injuries.